Saturday, July 4, 2009

Do you have a Road ID?

I didn't until today, I just ordered one HERE! Now I will have a quick and easy ID when I am out walking. There are only 10 short weeks to go!

Along with getting a great quality ID, it also benefits a good cause. Another 3day walker, Penny, has this on her blog....

"Road ID is a durable form of identification that you wear on your shoe, wrist or ankle that provides up to seven lines of information about you to those arriving on the scene of an accident. Mine has my name, city/state, hubby & son’s cell numbers, my allergies and notes that I am an organ donor. Pretty much all the information a medical professional would ask me in the first 30 seconds if I were awake and alert. You can choose not only the style of ID but also the color (and yes the wrist version comes in pink!). I got the blue Shoe ID that straps to my laces. It’s super easy to move to a different pair of shoes but it stays put when I’m walking.

Road ID has partnered with me and will donate 10% of any purchases made through the link on my blog to my fundraising efforts. You can find the link at . Please take a look and while you are there read some of the testimonials. I think you will quickly see why I feel so strongly about this product."

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