Friday, June 17, 2016

Disney Album 5" x 7 1/2" **FOR SALE**

I love this clean and simple design.  I like things chock full of ink, lace, trims and buttons, but this was refreshing and super easy to do, not cluttered with a bunch of stuff.  Plus the papers are super busy, so I thought that they needed to take center stage.

This album is for sale in my Etsy Shop!

I used papers by Queen & Company, the Magic line, as well as yellow, red white and black card stock.  There are only a few embellishments, since I wanted the papers to be the focus.  The black base pages are 6 1/4" x 4 1/4" (there are 6) and all the layers are 4" x 6".  Each page has a side pocket with an insert.  I created this album in mind for smaller sized photos, like wallet, 3x4, 3x4, ect.  You can most certainly use 4x6 photos, though most of the pretty papers will be completely covered up.
I tried something new and used Tyvek for the cover. It is a sturdy cloth that can't be easily torn and is very thin and flexible.  The USPS makes mailers out of them, and it is also a construction material for buildings.  It was white to begin with, but I used my black Staz-On ink to color it.  It is slightly on the grey side and bot completely black, however it completes this project nicely.
The cover has a shaker embellishment from EK Success, a Spellbinders Die and some of the papers from the collection.  The little date ticket is from the papers as well.  There are a few of them scattered throughout.  I left the spine and back cover free of decorations.
 photo 20160617_080444_zpsbcp8bijz.jpg 
 photo 20160617_080454_zpsonm20uyu.jpg  photo 20160617_080506_zps7wcpz2p3.jpg  photo 20160617_080513_zps0wdfl1dl.jpg 
The first page is a simple pocket, with two inserts.  For a lot of the inserts I used a ledger stamp for journaling.  They can of course be used for photos as well.
 photo 20160617_080531_zps4olvwmxi.jpg  photo 20160617_080545_zpsqx5d7yfr.jpg 
This shows the insert for the side pocket in each page.  They are all the same, with this heart paper on one side and the ledger stamp on the other.  I alternated which side faces up in each pocket.
 photo 20160617_080555_zpstqlo2kkm.jpg 
The left page has a metal embellishment from Creative Imaginations, there are 3 in this album.
 photo 20160617_080615_zpsejwogoqf.jpg 
 photo 20160617_080631_zpst4tcwctc.jpg
The page with the metal embellishment flips open to the top, and is held closed with a magnet.
 photo 20160617_080652_zps2cy5awj5.jpg 
The right page is a pocket and tag.  It opens to the right, with 2 more panels inside.
 photo 20160617_080713_zpsyfuzyctr.jpg  photo 20160617_080741_zpscwmyubx5.jpg  photo 20160617_080811_zpsi1p6mtka.jpg 
The left page has a flair button, also from Queen & Company.  I mounted it on a piece of black paper, punched with a scallop shape. It is adhered only on the left, allowing for a photo to slide underneath.  The pocket flap has two tags that come out, for journaling or pictures.
 photo 20160617_080837_zpsgfdjjb1m.jpg 
The right page has a flap closure on the bottom with magnet that flips to the bottom.  Inside is a card stock water fall feature. I left the waterfall free of patterned paper, and they are sized to fit 4x4 pictures.
 photo 20160617_080853_zpsqizsbglt.jpg  photo 20160617_080902_zpsjrlrbbso.jpg  photo 20160617_080926_zps0yf0ut7q.jpg  photo 20160617_080944_zpspxs2nbkm.jpg  photo 20160617_080953_zpsy8wbgmkz.jpg 
The left page has a corner pocket made with a Spellbinders die, and two journaling tags.
 photo 20160617_081016_zpsgnkzdqvz.jpg  photo 20160617_081022_zps0th0nxju.jpg  photo 20160617_081028_zpsjsuvahvt.jpg  photo 20160617_081048_zps3xiggsg4.jpg 
The right page has a pocket and tag on the front, also a flair button that is only adhered on the side.  The pocket flips up and has a magnet closure.
 photo 20160617_081107_zpsdrnxxolr.jpg 
There are a few flaps inside that can hold lots more photos.
 photo 20160617_081142_zpstadw8afe.jpg 
The left page has a magnet closure, and two flaps that open to the left.
 photo 20160617_081201_zpsdwpdgadb.jpg  photo 20160617_081208_zpsz9hi0lhn.jpg

 photo 20160617_081240_zps5qhmlu8s.jpg  photo 20160617_081246_zpsutsztled.jpg 
The right page has a pocket flap with journaling tags.
 photo 20160617_081315_zps2hp2ofzv.jpg  photo 20160617_081331_zpsduk0badq.jpg 
The left page here is a pocket with two cardstock tags.
 photo 20160617_081351_zpsxiiglmhg.jpg  photo 20160617_081404_zpshfkpaf2x.jpg 
The right page is an accordion page, with a pocket and tag on the front.  It is held closed with a magnet ribbon enclosure.  
 photo 20160617_081434_zpsqqbualom.jpg  photo 20160617_081454_zpsccjb6cio.jpg  photo 20160617_081501_zpstbvzckgf.jpg  photo 20160617_081558_zpshtrzxabz.jpg  photo 20160617_081628_zps3dlhj2ds.jpg  photo 20160617_081645_zpsdnj7ce1v.jpg 
The last page has a double pocket.  There are two tags in each pocket. I may just make it one of each because they fit pretty tightly and would be even tighter with photos.
 photo 20160617_081706_zpsiyyyfjfv.jpg  photo 20160617_081750_zpsttjmqyac.jpg  photo 20160617_081823_zpsglvt0r37.jpg  photo 20160617_081835_zps8chkqpor.jpg  photo 20160617_081851_zpsjtwfzswl.jpg  photo 20160617_081903_zpsp7omigwe.jpg  photo 20160617_081923_zpspe0bvzl3.jpg  photo 20160617_081937_zpseavzq6b1.jpg

Monday, June 13, 2016

Romantic vintage style album **FOR SALE**

This album was so fun to make!  This one is inspired by SuperHappyScrapper and all of her videos on YouTube are awesome.  I think her techniques are super easy and the tutorials are a cinch to follow.

This album is for sale in my Etsy Shop!

I came up with the dimensions on my own to both minimize the trimming of 8 1/2" x 11" paper and the 12 x 2 card stock.  The cover measures 9 1/2" x 7 1/4" with a 3 1/2" spine. The pages are 8 1/2" tall and 6 1/4" wide, so that I could cut in half a 12 x 12 piece for matting and only trim one side of the 8 1/2" x 11" base paper.
Most of the flaps, tabs, and interior layering pages, etc, are made of the scraps of trimming the pages as well.  I assembled the pages with Score Tape to make sure they are extra strong and durable, and the trims, flowers and metal corners are held down with Glossy Accents to help them stay put.  There are 6 base pages with lots of pockets, tags, and flaps for tons of room.  I usually don't do vintage style things, but this paper just begged for inked edges and that type of vibe.  I made this album a while ago, and already had mach of the papers left over to use for this.
The products I used:
My Mind's Eye stack called Lost and Found Union Square Collection
DCWV Immortal Love stack.  
Eclipse Black card stock in 80 lb
Tim Holtz Thrift Shop ephemera pack, Vintage Photo and Old Paper Distress Inks, metal corners
Jolee's vintage embossed butterflies 
Joann's feathers and lace trims
Recollections Kraft envelopes and cards from Michael's
Flowers, buttons, brads, rhinestones, magnets, grommets, ribbon from my stash
Misc background stamps, rose edge punch, decorative corner punch
 photo 20160612_105521_zpsmjux2ctj.jpg
I left the front cover partially open for room for a title, photo or monogram.
 photo 20160612_105541_zpsiv7bwsn0.jpg
The inside of the front cover is a large pocket with 3 tags, and the small tag is removable and tucked under the flowers.  The 2 large tags are covered in card stock, and the smaller ones are plain white that I stamped and inked.  The page to the right has a flap the contains 2 more tags and opens with a magnet closure.
 photo 20160612_105611_zpsukb45d3j.jpg
 photo 20160612_105630_zpsmzhkpw3c.jpg
The left page has 2 flaps that open with a magnet closure.  The page on the right has a ribbon closure with tons of space for photos with waterfall style flip pages.  I left them blank because it was already pretty bulky and wanted to pictures to be the focus.
 photo 20160612_105654_zps2tp42gyo.jpg
 photo 20160612_105706_zpssznodtf0.jpg
The journaling tag is not adhered down and slips out.
 photo 20160612_105717_zpsjkl6g3ww.jpg
The left page is a double pocket with 4 large photo mats covered in card stock, a smaller stamped tag and two stamped journaling tags.  The right page has another stamped journaling tag that slips out, and the entire page unfolds to the right and has a magnet closure. 
 photo 20160612_105744_zpsjxky1lat.jpg
 photo 20160612_105803_zpsdm3ea0pl.jpg
 photo 20160612_105832_zpsagqnr2ae.jpg
The left page has a magnetic flap (with the flower) to hold it closed.  The base page has a pocket with tags.  The page on the right has a pocket opening to the right with a tag.
 photo 20160612_105917_zpszhljszbz.jpg
 photo 20160612_105939_zpsvoxaguzs.jpg
The Kraft envelope opens with a booklet inside
 photo 20160612_105948_zpstmjumym0.jpg
 photo 20160612_110006_zpsn6auwulx.jpg
 photo 20160612_110047_zpsurpgdocc.jpg
The left page has a pocket page on the front with two tags, and then it opens to the left with another identical pocket and tags.
 photo 20160612_110141_zpsts0a1ch7.jpg
 photo 20160612_110157_zpsvd8havlu.jpg
 photo 20160612_110228_zpssp1mhfem.jpg
The right page has an envelope style closure, and when opened the page flips open to the top.
 photo 20160612_110253_zpsu9g6ikpg.jpg
 photo 20160612_110319_zpsbxcl0ehs.jpg
The left page opens to the left, with a small magnetic booklet inside.
 photo 20160612_110347_zpsf72adj6k.jpg
 photo 20160612_110421_zpscd5ozdxj.jpg
 photo 20160612_110428_zpserdgxudm.jpg
The left side also has 2 Kraft envelopes with booklets inside.
 photo 20160612_110441_zpsakqhhku6.jpg
 photo 20160612_110504_zpsf234celo.jpg
The right side has a magnetic closure that opens to the top and bottom, and then the whole thing flips up to the top.
 photo 20160612_110531_zpsoz19awfb.jpg
 photo 20160612_110546_zps7gethdnw.jpg
 photo 20160612_110622_zpswdhtyqsm.jpg
The last page on the left is a double flap that is held closed with magnets.
 photo 20160612_110640_zps9hjzf3jk.jpg
 photo 20160612_110649_zpsaazvymsa.jpg
 photo 20160612_110658_zps8estejc5.jpg
The inside of the back cover is similar tot he front inside cover.  A large pocket with tags, and a journaling tag tucked into the flowers that can come out.
 photo 20160612_110714_zpsn32u6wuz.jpg
Here is a view of all the pages with the tags inserted (gold ribbon)
 photo 20160613_150445_zpsztlvxuha.jpg 
One of the pull out tags, there are six.  One side has patterned paper, the other side has cardstock with some stamping.
 photo 20160613_150519_zpsewxfzokp.jpg  photo 20160613_150534_zpsvoyrk2ph.jpg 
Back cover
 photo 20160613_150459_zpsnkycjrzg.jpg