Saturday, June 13, 2009

Some of my FAVORITE 'kiddisms'!!

"Mommy, Mommy! I just farted out of my mouth!!" ~Adrian when she burped, age 4 June 2009

"Mom, I guess I really do love you, because you have the sweetest, brightest heart ever!" ~Aaron, age 8 June 2009

"You are the sweetest Mommy I ever lived with!" ~Aaron, 7 1/11/2009

"Mom, I love living with you in our small house!" ~Aaron, age 7 1/5/2009

"Poop is disgusting, and I want to keep it in!" ~Adrian , age 4 12/28/2008

Him "How come auntie and uncle don't have a baby?"
Me "They aren't ready yet"
Him "When will she go to the hospital to have a baby taken out of her tummy?"
Me "She doesn't have one in there yet." Uh-oh....
Him "How do they get in there??"
Oh crap..... ~Aaron, age 7 8/28/2008

"No, it's not 'we'll see' Mom, it needs to be RIGHT NOW!" ~Aaron, age 7 8/21/2008

"I am four now because I have a big, black '4' on my tummy!" ~Adrian on her 4th birthday

"Mom, why is August 1st usually on a Tuesday in 1953?" ~Aaron, age 6 7/2008

"Momma, you are WAY to old to be bossing me around!!" ~Aaron age 6 7/2008

"Can you go be someone else's Mommy for awhile?" ~Aaron, age 6 7/2008

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