Saturday, December 27, 2008


So my dh has this odd talent of making everyday words into his own weird version, and it got me to thinking. There are so many of them that I should make a list! This would be a fun scrapbook page someday :) He has been doing this for so long that the kids are starting to use some of them!

For example:

Trader Joe's is "Trader Steve's" or "Trader Ho-Bags"

Cash -N- Carry is "White Trash -N- Carry"

Fred Meyers is "Dread Meyers"

Cost Cutter is "Crap Cutters"

Aaron is "Sharon", "Sparon", "Karen", "Flaren", 'Baron", etc.

Adrian, also known is Sissy, is "Prissy", or "Fladrian"

"Go, Diego, Go" is "Go, Spagehtti Sauce, Go" because he calles him Prego instead of Diego LOL!

I will add more when I think of some more :)


  1. Palary Mallory

    And what about all the things he says when he answers the phone? LOL

  2. My husband does stuff like that with translating things from Spanish to English that weren't meant to be translated. They just don't sound right. For instance, in Spanish when it is pouring you say there is an aguasero. He calls it "waterzero". GREAT post!