Sunday, September 14, 2008

I'm home!

From the 3day!!!

We just got home, and I had an amazing experience at the Seattle 3-Day!! I took so many pics, had some laughs and some tears!
I am so beat... My feet held up though, I didn't spend any time in the medical tents for blisters, just had a little ice bags on my shins yesterday lol.
It was so hot! Here in WA, the weather has been in the mid to upper 60's for awhile, and it was in the upper 70's and 80's! All three days were beautiful, totally clear and sunny, but very hot. Unfortunately a Seattle Seahawks game finished at the same time as our closing ceremony, so we spent over an hour in a parking garage trying to get out, and then a quick bite to eat and then a 70 mile drive home, phew.
I can barely keep my eyes open, so I am off to take a hot shower (that I don't have to stand in line for YAY!) and then to bed. I will post tons of pics tomorrow. It is also my daughter's first day of preschool tomorrow!

Oh, by the way, I made it 44 of the 60 miles :)

Thanks for the positive thoughts everyone!

Also, here's a blurb from website about our route

"It all began on a beautiful, cool, crisp Seattle morning at Bellevue Community College as we watched the sun rise behind the stage. Starbucks brought out free coffee to fuel us for the journey. The first cheering station stretched for more than a half-mile as the community came out in force, including kids and survivors passing out candy and waving pom poms. The fantastic 20.7-mile day ended with great entertainment at camp, including our very own 3-Day Rock Star.
The next morning was cool and foggy as we left camp and headed out for a 20.8-mile trip. At Pit stop 2, the New Balance cheerleaders gave us a pirate's welcome. (Yar!) We ran into a varied cast of characters along the route, including the "Dancing Divas" in Kirkland who were all decked out in pink cowgirl hats, the "Rubberband Clan" in Houghton Park and "The Parrot Heads of Puget Sound" at Juanita Bay Park. That night at camp, two local community bands (Dave Burr Band and Motherfolk) got our toes tapping while we were enjoying dinner.
Our final day began with a short bus ride under a full moon. We walked to Green Lake and were greeted by a HUGE cheering station! Lunch was at Gas Works Park with a gorgeous view of the Seattle skyline. From there, we crossed over the Fremont Bridge and headed downtown for an emotional Closing Ceremony at the Seattle Center."

Another little bit of info: The total amount raised by the Seattle walkers (3200+ people)?? over 8 MILLION dollars, and 85% of that goes to Susan G. Komen for the Cure!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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