Thursday, December 17, 2009

A new TOY!

I have wanted a KitchenAid stand mixer for ages, and now I have one, woohooo!! 

My hubsband found an ad in the Seattle PI newspaper last year around this time for the professional KitchenAid for $99. They are normally $399-$599 so I said "Go get one right now, I didn't even care what color!!"  But when he got to Macy's they said it was a misprint, sorry ;(  They wouldn't even budge, I was so sad!

So fast forward to this last summer, he found one at a garage sale for a whopping $3.  Just the stand, no accessories or attachments, or even the bowl.  We cleaned it up, and tested it out and it worked just fine, so an awesome deal ;)   Well I promptly forgot about it, though he kept a look-out for accessories, which are not cheap by the way!

I had forgotten about completely until yesterday, and I wanted to use it.  So I ran to the Kitchen Collection store in the mall and bought a bowl, paddle with a built in scraper, and whisk attachments.  So all in all my mixer coast us $3 plus $80 in accessories, not too shabby!
Here she is, and now I have to think of a name ;)

Mixing away!!

All broken in and messy ;)  Learned the hard way to add the flour slowly, lol!  This is sugar cookie dough for THIS recipe.

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