Saturday, April 11, 2009

Adrian is wearing a DRESS!!!!

Omigosh I am so excited!! I have been trying forever to get her to wear a dress, and she would yell and scream, so I never get to see my little girl in a dress.

Today we are going to go on an Easter egg hunt and when I was picking out her clothes, I told her that I would really like it if she wore a dress. Well she didn't like that idea, and said that she didn't want her underwear to show... So THAT'S why?!?!?! I dug out a skirt that I bought last summer, the kind that has built in shorts underneath, and she said "OK, I will wear it!"

Wooohooo!!! I bought like 4 of these skirt/short combos last summer and they have never been worn, but we picked out an outfit to wear to school on Monday, yes!!!



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