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Large Custom Disney Album {9 1/2 by 11 inches with a 2 3/4 inch spine} Simple Stories Say Cheese 1 and 2 **SOLD**

My family and I went to Disneyland last year, and I have been collecting supplies for quite some time, probably close to 10 years or more.  I knew we would go one day and wanted to be prepared!  After I finished my own personal album I realized I had a serious stash left over, so I decided to create a few albums with the leftovers.  I designed it with an assortment of photo sizes in mind.  There is plenty of space for 4x6 or 4x5.3 (standard digital size) photos as well as other fun sizes.  Such as 4x4, 4x3, 2x3 ans 2x2, but you are of course not limited to these sizes.  There are full sized pages with room for 5x7 photos as well.

I absolutely LOVE the Simple Stories Say Cheese collections, they are so cute and fun!  They were so popular that they have the original Say Cheese and the Say Cheese II.

My other latest fun thing is magnets.  I have been using the Basic Grey adhesive ones, and they work wonderfully.  However, they are kind of pricey to buy in any quantity so I did some research on the internet and came across K&J Magnetics and ordered these.  They haven't arrived in the mail so I haven't got to try them out yet.  I have to wait and see for those!

These albums were inspired by this woman's YouTube Channel, and I love her style.  After watching a few (several!) of her videos, I had to give it a try.  I love all the flaps, pockets and extra doodads.  Here is a link to the video I made of this album.  It isn't fancy, but it shows how everything opens!

This album is for sale in my Etsy Shop!

So the front cover is decorated with Mickey of course, which I cut out with my Cricut machine and matted.

 photo 20160129_112129_zps67bzmpco.jpg

 photo 20160129_112138_zpsrsasa93p.jpg

 photo 20160129_112202_zpsq8deoebk.jpg

 photo 20160129_112210_zpsei3y0wrp.jpg

This page has a couple of flaps.  The first one opens to the left.

 photo 20160129_112220_zpsqq17aggk.jpg

 photo 20160129_112228_zpsqputnfo4.jpg

Then the entire thing opens to the right, and is held closed with a magnet.

 photo 20160129_112249_zps2egptivr.jpg

Also, each page has a pocket on the edge that holds a full sized tag.

 photo 20160129_112300_zpstmlzhhwz.jpg

Thi page is made of two flaps as well, the small blue one that opens to the right and the large red one that opens to the top.  Again I used a magnet closure.

 photo 20160129_112320_zpsb1n4d9ix.jpg

 photo 20160129_112327_zpsqjheaeqa.jpg

 photo 20160129_112354_zpsfox8uvvy.jpg

 photo 20160129_112411_zps4yau1qro.jpg

This page has a pocket that is on a flap.  The pocket has two tags inside.

 photo 20160129_112433_zpslcq7ulxh.jpg

 photo 20160129_112449_zpsgurpqrg1.jpg

Then the pocket flap opens to the left.

 photo 20160129_112500_zpszoa9ceem.jpg

This page has a pocket as well, with two full sized tags.

 photo 20160129_112508_zpssiyexyqd.jpg

And a small flap

 photo 20160129_112514_zpsueacmaq9.jpg

 photo 20160129_112526_zpsn5fnlbpz.jpg

 photo 20160129_112541_zpsk2jtt2cl.jpg

The page on the left with the heart is a tri-flap page.  The two top and bottom flaps..

 photo 20160129_112558_zpsfk7xix1c.jpg

And one that goes to the left.

 photo 20160129_112610_zpsuaumn96k.jpg

 photo 20160129_112619_zpsi2flr8wp.jpg

This page has a 3 sided flap..

 photo 20160129_112628_zpsywhso7tj.jpg

 photo 20160129_112638_zps7be4ql6f.jpg

And inside the flap is hiding a pocket with two tags.

 photo 20160129_112646_zpstucx6wqx.jpg

 photo 20160129_112657_zpshigpojqg.jpg

 photo 20160129_112715_zpsealnzatk.jpg

The page on the left is a large memorabilia pocket, for ticket stubs and other ephemera.

 photo 20160129_112729_zpsvrwmi9yk.jpg

 photo 20160129_112738_zpsymnkb4ap.jpg

The right page has two flaps, and again a magnetic closure.

 photo 20160129_112748_zpsr2xj7jvw.jpg

 photo 20160129_112753_zpspydhiyyk.jpg

But surprise!  There is a 3rd flap inside.

 photo 20160129_112809_zpsltahlnzl.jpg

...With a pocket and tags,

 photo 20160129_112835_zpsboxogkjm.jpg

 photo 20160129_112852_zpslzwumfdu.jpg

 photo 20160129_112906_zpslbdpw1z1.jpg

Two flaps with a magnet...

 photo 20160129_112911_zpshq5dg6lh.jpg

 photo 20160129_112926_zpsdj4isvd2.jpg

 photo 20160129_112938_zpsujc8cuz3.jpg

 photo 20160129_112946_zpstgctgksv.jpg

 photo 20160129_112955_zpsddz15go7.jpg

 photo 20160129_112959_zpsnnxiuiro.jpg

 photo 20160129_113027_zpsc3t4nh22.jpg

 photo 20160129_113033_zps0iai0qiu.jpg

 photo 20160129_113039_zpswjkq9xp0.jpg

The end, thanks for looking!

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