Saturday, January 30, 2016

Custom Disney Album {9 3/4 by 8 1/2, with a 4 inch spine} **SOLD**

So I had to make another one of these, my second of three I have completed actually!  I may have enough supplies to make a third one, though smaller.  I think this one has the most 'stuff' in it, a lot of tags and pockets and flaps.  Flaps upon flaps!  I used mainly the Simple Stories Say Cheese collection of papers and accessories, with a few other random papers to supplement.
I also made a YouTube video.  It isn't at all fancy and made with my phone, but shows what is hard to explain in pictures!

This is also listed in my Etsy Shop.

The front cover has a flap that is held closed by a magnet, with room for photos or journaling underneath.  The chipboard pieces are from the collection, however the banner piece is from Spare Parts I found at Hobby Lobby.

This album is pretty chunky, with a spine measuring 4 inches wide.  The cover is 8 1/2 inches tall and 9 3/4 inches wide.  There are 7 pages inside, measuring 8 inches tall by 8 1/2 inches wide.  I designed it with an assortment of photo sizes in mind.  There is plenty of space for 4x6 or 4x5.3 (standard digital size) photos as well as other fun sizes.  Such as 4x4, 4x3, 2x3 ans 2x2, but you are of course not limited to these sizes.  There are full sized pages with room for 5x7 photos as well.

I just realized that I put all the photos in reverse order, oops!  But you get the idea!

 photo 20160129_114623_zpsji4tcmri.jpg

 photo 20160129_114604_zpsronvcdq5.jpg

 photo 20160129_114544_zpszldbev9r.jpg

 photo 20160129_114507_zpsbvitnfrv.jpg

 photo 20160129_114435_zpscndyyifo.jpg

 photo 20160129_114427_zpsb0cd18zn.jpg

 photo 20160129_114410_zpstbr2qf8h.jpg

 photo 20160129_114406_zps8sqgspjh.jpg

 photo 20160129_114358_zpswm4m1r55.jpg

 photo 20160129_114351_zpsetohcfkp.jpg

 photo 20160129_114346_zpssuqvpmmf.jpg

 photo 20160129_114338_zps74ghukap.jpg

 photo 20160129_114329_zpsxn9aaaah.jpg

 photo 20160129_114329_zpsxn9aaaah.jpg

 photo 20160129_114315_zpshmr6jyve.jpg

 photo 20160129_114300_zpsc5snpwm6.jpg

 photo 20160129_114253_zps9l5jfry9.jpg

 photo 20160129_114243_zpswufnu3iq.jpg

 photo 20160129_114233_zpszzo7uzog.jpg

 photo 20160129_114218_zpsvvjftai5.jpg

 photo 20160129_114211_zpsv7zzq1q1.jpg

 photo 20160129_114157_zps60tazouy.jpg

 photo 20160129_114144_zpsduen0sge.jpg

 photo 20160129_114139_zpsqvyjijqr.jpg

 photo 20160129_114133_zpspoigoazh.jpg

 photo 20160129_114126_zpspwzdv5tu.jpg

 photo 20160129_114113_zpsc3qqvcer.jpg

 photo 20160129_114051_zpsblhh0inz.jpg

 photo 20160129_114014_zps27wk3sdj.jpg

 photo 20160129_114010_zpsv1wfi8va.jpg

 photo 20160129_114002_zps75v8b63v.jpg

 photo 20160129_113946_zps1cvppywb.jpg

 photo 20160129_113932_zpskbpz9irx.jpg

 photo 20160129_113923_zpswvribndl.jpg

 photo 20160129_113912_zpsqpwuddg0.jpg

 photo 20160129_113904_zpsx4q3kcoh.jpg

 photo 20160129_113841_zpspltmtsuq.jpg

 photo 20160129_113830_zpsyrixbbsv.jpg

 photo 20160129_113754_zpsn5bahfpi.jpg

 photo 20160129_113731_zpsqtxdhpl7.jpg

 photo 20160129_113718_zpsi2xbnby9.jpg

 photo 20160129_113659_zpsve896zl5.jpg

 photo 20160129_113646_zpszyxr5yr3.jpg

 photo 20160129_113627_zpsat5haizy.jpg

 photo 20160129_113602_zpsc5tjbgzu.jpg

 photo 20160129_113549_zps2cwzrh8o.jpg

 photo 20160129_113537_zps5sxx57jv.jpg

 photo 20160129_113529_zps8hzv6eba.jpg

 photo 20160129_113514_zpseawgdjjp.jpg

 photo 20160129_113501_zpspcuydktj.jpg

 photo 20160129_113452_zpsozntvgkd.jpg

 photo 20160129_113444_zpskxrw6of4.jpg

 photo 20160129_113419_zps5c0dgfvq.jpg

 photo 20160129_113406_zps44dyhxnk.jpg

 photo 20160129_113359_zpsavehhfot.jpg

 photo 20160129_113353_zps6ytdifp2.jpg

 photo 20160129_113345_zpsjnjkjat7.jpg

 photo 20160129_113337_zpsrazq7hk1.jpg

 photo 20160129_113330_zpsbo4mewrz.jpg

 photo 20160129_113315_zpsc4bbltdi.jpg

 photo 20160129_113308_zps2qmxyyxa.jpg

 photo 20160129_113301_zpsijt1kgir.jpg

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