Friday, January 29, 2016

Disney 6x6 Paper Bag Album using Simple Stories "Say Cheese" 1 and 2 **SOLD**

My family and I went to Disneyland last year, and I have been collecting supplies for quite some time, probably close to 10 years or more.  I knew we would go one day and wanted to be prepared!  After I finished my own personal album I realized I had a serious stash left over, so I decided to create a few albums with the leftovers.

I absolutely LOVE the Simple Stories Say Cheese collections, they are so cute and fun!  They were so popular that they have the original Say Cheese and the Say Cheese II.

My other latest fun thing is magnets.  I have been using the Basic Grey adhesive ones, and they work wonderfully.  However, they are kind of pricey to buy in any quantity so I did some research on the internet and came across K&J Magnetics and ordered these.  They haven't arrived in the mail so I haven't got to try them out yet.  I have to wait and see for those!

These albums were inspired by this woman's YouTube Channel, and I love her style.  After watching a few (several!) of her videos, I had to give it a try.  I love all the flaps, pockets and extra doodads.  I didn't really measure for this one, I just based all of the sizes off of the 6x6 inch page.   I also made a YouTube video showing this album as well.  Pardon my wobbliness, I don't have a fancy overhead camera and just used my phone!

This album is currently in my Etsy Shop.

 photo 20160129_111709_zps7kiwmm9k.jpg
 photo 20160129_111722_zpsbm7jlljw.jpg
 photo 20160129_111732_zpsrl71dek1.jpg
 photo 20160129_111740_zpsqosd9blb.jpg
 photo 20160129_111751_zpsddyqqfnd.jpg
 photo 20160129_111804_zpsuyupbf3d.jpg
 photo 20160129_111821_zpsz32bo6lz.jpg
 photo 20160129_111831_zpsargyqznm.jpg
 photo 20160129_111849_zpsx9ufbnbo.jpg
 photo 20160129_111859_zpskn3nmgyi.jpg
 photo 20160129_111915_zpsmywgychs.jpg
 photo 20160129_111923_zpsnj2bgym6.jpg
 photo 20160129_111944_zpsipbqaipx.jpg
 photo 20160129_111956_zpsrvlarcmg.jpg
 photo 20160129_112005_zps93r0vbwx.jpg
 photo 20160129_112017_zpsjpwcclmd.jpg
 photo 20160129_112032_zpsypqvfwku.jpg
 photo 20160129_112044_zpsmdrqe0ow.jpg
 photo 20160129_112056_zpsc0x4989i.jpg
 photo 20160129_112107_zpsexax8wm1.jpg

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