Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pictures from the Seattle 2009 3 Day Breast Cancer Walk

I made it 52 out of 60 miles!!


  1. Great job on the 52 miles! That is amazing. I don't mean to stalk you but I've told my mom about you several times. I've never met you but you are inspiring to me. I think it's great that you keep up with your training to do this. And I love the fundraising your team does. Her and I talked about doing this walk this year because we just lost a love one to breast cancer (she was only 32). We won't make it this year but I know again next year I'll be telling her but mom Shasta did it and it looks AMAZING!

  2. Shasta,
    You are just such an amazing young woman. I am so blessed to have such wonderful nieces and nephews. Thinking of you guys collectively brings tears to my eyes. You all not only survived our parenting (doing the best we could with what we knew and as Uncle Roger says "our polluted gene pool") but have become wonderful, decent, funny, giving, loving and cherished members of our well rounded, twisted family!!!
    And your play list rocks. Saw the Indigo Girls in concert when they first started out and you knew they were outstanding from the get go.
    XXX OOO Aunt Sue