Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Christmas page...

The journaling is hidden on the tag at the bottom.

"We all dream of the 'right' photo for the holidays, of course, don't we? I know I do! Well, this years pic was not what I imagined. It was getting late in the year and we still had no photo. Kasoma hadn't had a haircut in ages and the kids didn't have their new holiday outfits yet either. On this night, the kids had just taken a bath and put on their jammies. We were almost ready for bed time... Hmmmm.... their faces were clean, hair and teeth brushed.. I had worked that day so my hair was fixed too... So at the last minute I grabbed a sheet and hung it up in the kitchen and used the self-timer on my camera. No, I wouldn't have chosen that t-shirt for my husband, but we are all smiling and our eyes are open, so mission accomplished!"

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