Saturday, June 5, 2010

Cute little craft!

These first pics aren't so hot, because they are from my phone, but Adrian is such a cutie pie even in bad pics ;)

She asked me today why she didn't have any headbands, so I whipped one up.  I had a few fat quarters of fabric that all matched, so I used three pieces.  One for the flower, for the leaves, and for the band.  I don't have any specific measurements, because I just free-handed it all ;)  I will try to describe it as best I can!




This one is better, I took it on my regular camera.


I cut a strip about 4 x 11, and folded it in half so I ended up with a long strip (roughly 2 x 11, wrong sides out). I sewed along one short end, down a long end, and then down the last short end, and folded it right side out, and top-stitched over the same 3 sides again. Then I used a needle and thread and put a wide gathering stitch in the raw edge, and pulled it tight and added a few stitches to secure it. I hot glued the button on top, and all done!
I cut 3 leaf shapes out of 2 pieces of fabric placed back to back wrong side out, and sewed along the sides leaving the bottom edge open. Then turn them right side out and top-stitched the same sides, and then gathered and secured the raw edge, just like the flower.

This one was a little tricky! I cut 2 strips of fabric off the end of the fat quarter about 2 inches wide. They ended being roughly 2 x 11, and I sewed them together to make one long strip. This was approx 2 x 22, and then folded it in half (wrong side out) to make a 1 x 22 inch strip, and sewed along the raw edges to make a tube. I had a little trouble turning it inside out, but my hubs saved the day!  He went out to his garage and finding me a piece of wire about as thick as a coat hanger and made the end hooked for me. It worked great! I fed the wire through the tube, then hooked the fabric on the end hook, and slowly pulled it right side out.
So all the parts were done, and the elastic was the only thing I really measured, and I just wrapped it around Adrian's head and cut. No idea how long it was! I put a safety pin on the end of the elastic and fed it through the tube, and then sewed then ends together by hand. Once they were sewn, I let the tube kind of adjust itself around the elastic, and then just hid the to raw ends of the tube right under the flower that I sewed on last, easy peasy!


  1. how freaking adorable Shasta. Kim

  2. Shasta your crafting is really cool...
    thank you for sharing this .:)

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