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Custom Disney Album #3 ***FOR SALE***

This album is for sale in my Etsy Shop!  This post is a bit pic heavy, butt here is so much inside that it can't be shown to the full extent without them!
The cover measures 9 1/2" x 7 1/4" with a 4" spine. The pages are 8 1/2" tall and 6 1/4" wide, so that I could cut in half a 12 x 12 piece for matting and only trim one side of the 8 1/2" x 11" base paper.  I came up with the dimensions to both minimize the trimming of 8 1/2" x 11" paper and the 12 x 2 card stock.  Most of the flaps, tabs, and interior layering pages, etc, are made of the scraps of trimming the pages as well.  I assembled the pages with Scor Tape and Scotch's quick drying liquid adhesive to make sure they are extra strong and durable. The base black cardstock is a heavy 80 lb weight for added strength.  The cover edges that bend have been reinforced with black ribbon to prevent cracking when the album is opened and closed. My next one I will be experimenting with fabric to see how that works as a cover.
I used primarily the Say Cheese I and II collections from Simple Stories, with a few other miscellaneous complimentary papers as well.  
The finished product is pretty bulky, and will no doubt be bulkier still when filled with photos, but I love how it turned out.
 photo 20161002_174733_zpsbikahilr.jpg 
 photo 20161002_174751_zpsztlzxufy.jpg 
 photo 20161002_174757_zpsh351qewl.jpg 
The cover features a pocket with two tags, which is on the front of a file folder flap that opens.
 photo 20161002_174808_zpsvweiyubj.jpg
This flap is held closed with a magnet.
 photo 20161002_174821_zpsattftsza.jpg
The inside cover has a super large envelope that is closed with Velcro to hold extra memorabilia or photos.
 photo 20161002_174840_zpsupgt82jb.jpg
 photo 20161002_174847_zpsnr2i1lx1.jpg
The first page has many elements. A flap to hold it closed with a magnet, a pocket with tags, and two extra pages.  
 photo 20161002_174903_zpslm31g02f.jpg
 photo 20161002_174924_zpsxw62j9kh.jpg
The small yellow clip on the top right is not adhered down so can be moved.  All of the similar clips in the entire album are removable.
 photo 20161002_174940_zpscjp0h2mi.jpg
 photo 20161002_174951_zpstlbluaye.jpg
Each page also has a pocket that opens along the outside edge with a large tag, and there are 6.  These round clips have been securely adhered down.
 photo 20161002_175030_zpsfwyl6sps.jpg
 photo 20161002_175041_zpsgw7sodet.jpg
 photo 20161002_175056_zps0n7f0p14.jpg
The left page has 4 flaps, all secured with a magnet.  The bottom one has a chipboard frame with a slide out tag, as well as the right page/
 photo 20161002_175107_zpsofmqwtmt.jpg
 photo 20161002_175121_zpshelxi1v7.jpg
 photo 20161002_175132_zpsn6gqmcht.jpg
The right page has a corner pocket with multiple tags and a large envelope.
 photo 20161002_175147_zpstispg4vy.jpg 
 photo 20161002_175200_zpsvoxft5at.jpg
 photo 20161002_175219_zpsxgovl07p.jpg
The left page here also has a chipboard frame and tag.
 photo 20161002_175255_zpsdafkxdfx.jpg
 photo 20161002_175304_zpsdeg347ax.jpg
The right side has two pocket flaps with tags.
 photo 20161002_175320_zpsjv78s1wa.jpg
The right side here opens up to the left.
 photo 20161002_175329_zpsayiqrd5p.jpg
 photo 20161002_175349_zpshqpk7iqa.jpg
 photo 20161002_175400_zpssvovmaw3.jpg
 photo 20161002_175414_zpsjfldcmvg.jpg
The left page here is a large pocket. I realized after taking the pictures that I didn't show the tags that go inside. There are two large ones.
 photo 20161002_175426_zpsnsmvsagc.jpg
The two flaps are held closed with magnets.
 photo 20161002_175441_zpszdrejzxp.jpg
The pocket on the right has 3 tags.
 photo 20161002_175500_zpsmqlqvwhp.jpg
It opens on both sided gate fold style, and has two pockets with more tags.  It is hard to tell, but the brown paper with white polka dots is pretty cool.  The dots had a flocked texture.  There are some other papers this style as well, the ones with black polka dots, and with red ones too.
 photo 20161002_175541_zpspcjf7iaq.jpg
The clip is not adhered.
 photo 20161002_175619_zpsdq2epc1q.jpg
 photo 20161002_175632_zpsyiu2ro8y.jpg
The page on the left is held closed with a magnet.  The grey chevron flap opens to the right, and has a chipboard frame and removable tag.
 photo 20161002_175647_zpsxbh1yjux.jpg
 photo 20161002_175659_zpsenqphjh4.jpg
The flaps with the multicolored stars open up to the top and bottom accordion style.
 photo 20161002_175710_zpsgtd1ac6t.jpg
 photo 20161002_175721_zps2cx0znih.jpg
The chevron flap holds them closed, but they also have magnets to hold them down.
 photo 20161002_175758_zpsprl1xtry.jpg
The flap with the camera holds this page to the right closed.
 photo 20161002_175809_zpskaqvwvpb.jpg
 photo 20161002_175816_zpstbbgzrxm.jpg
 photo 20161002_175822_zpsosvv7mbt.jpg
Lots of tags in the corner pocket along with a mini envelope.
 photo 20161002_175840_zpsxbnpitgg.jpg
This page has a bunch going on.  The popcorn flap folds down to the bottom, ad holds everything closed with a magnet.
 photo 20161002_175922_zpsvujjyfd4.jpg
 photo 20161002_175929_zpskv8c5djf.jpg
 photo 20161002_175941_zpskfpvp6nh.jpg
The pocket inside has a large booklet style tag.
 photo 20161002_175956_zpsmfrmdnbg.jpg
 photo 20161002_180004_zpso6itthfl.jpg
It has two flaps and the entire thing closes with a magnet.
 photo 20161002_180015_zps6logpp3z.jpg
 photo 20161002_180023_zpsyt7aqd59.jpg
Once that is closed back up, the whole page lifts open to the top.
 photo 20161002_180043_zpsqtppbq2x.jpg
 photo 20161002_180057_zpsmfxo4zov.jpg
 photo 20161002_180106_zpsw38ppjgk.jpg
This base page has the flocked red dots.
 photo 20161002_180114_zpslspxakfo.jpg
 photo 20161002_180123_zps0thpz4qk.jpg
The last page has a large pocket with lots of tags as well as a chipboard frame with a tag.
 photo 20161002_180137_zpsi1dydgnj.jpg
 photo 20161002_180152_zpsjzgp9gc1.jpg
The inside back cover has a large accordion pocket.  I added the flap on top to make sure nothing slides out when the album is closed, also with a magnet.
 photo 20161002_180217_zpsidw6vqro.jpg
The inside ha s a full sized booklet.
 photo 20161002_180224_zpsykzqd15j.jpg
 photo 20161002_180235_zps6kljsobr.jpg
 photo 20161002_180239_zpss9jbnlug.jpg
 photo 20161002_180256_zpsk8u28vpx.jpg
 photo 20161002_180330_zpstejg8cnb.jpg
 photo 20161002_180340_zpsz46grm0t.jpg
 photo 20161002_180346_zps69foqfxq.jpg
 photo 20161002_180418_zpsjrjemumj.jpg
 photo 20161002_180520_zpsrxpxl7su.jpg
 photo 20161002_180536_zps28jpc0st.jpg
 photo 20161002_180546_zpsfcvayzyx.jpg

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