Saturday, June 7, 2008

RIP William Joseph Duplantis

My husband's dad passed away early Thursday morning, after several years of esophageal cancer. He went through one round about 5 years ago and did chemo and the whole thing, and it came back about 9 months ago. Since it was so hard on him the first time he decided he wasn't going to do that again. He was always a big, tall man, but this disease wasted him away to barely 160 pounds and he couldn't eat or speak well anymore.

My husband is doing alright, and is content that his father is no longer suffering. He was able to get a few days of bereavement time off from his work, so he is keeping busy around the house. We told the kids today and I don't think they quite grasp that Granda Will won't be around anymore. So far the only thing they have lost is a hampster :(

His wife is handling the arrangements and there will be a memorial sometime soon.
I have never had to tell someone such hard news! She called me at home when Kasoma was at work. I had to call and have him paged, and then call his sister also to let her know. He came home and we went out to his dad's house and his sister was already there. Will's wife had called someone from hospice, and they arrived right as they were inside saying their goodbyes.

It was very sad because we have never been close to his wife but I could tell how upset she was. The thing that has been on my mind the most is my husband's half-brother. We found out about him a few years ago when he contacted us, and him and his wife were coming up here next month to meet Will for the first time They live in TX and we are in WA so not very close, and I just feel so sad for him.

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