Friday, July 11, 2008

Not much going on...

Kinda quiet the last few days! Aaron just finished his second week of summer day camp and is having fun. They took the kids to a ranch and let them all ride horseback for a little bit. They even sent him home with a picture of it for us!!

I just went on another solo walk tonight, about 4 miles. I found this handy gadget online here where you can zoom into your city and click on the map at various points and it will tell you how far it it in miles, very cool! Also, only NINE WEEKS left until the 3day walk!!!

We also bought a brand-spankin' new mattress last weekend from Macy's over the holiday weekend. It arrived this morning and I have been excited all day to go to bed! We have never bought a new one before. When Kasoma and I moved in together, I brought the bed I had growing up, which was a double we had for a few years. Then we got one from my parents which was a queen, but the last few years it has been torture sleeping on it! Last weekend I just couldn't take it one more night and said let's just do it right now. I will see tonight how comfy it is!

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